ivy league shoo in!????

<p>Hello, well i've been wondering, would I get into the IVY's,MIT,Stanford, or Northwestern with these stats?
Freshmen gpa:3.2
sophmore gpa:3.8
junior year gpa:3.76
senior year 1st marking period: 3.72
SAT: 2350
4 AP's(3 5's,one 4)
great recs
steller essays about how i grew up without a dad(he abused my mom)
URM, low income 34>my family
community service: 300 hours helping youth in the rough parts of NyC
Rank:12 out of 500
Work at a McDonalds
Vasity B-ball for 3 years
Captain of a few clubs
doesnt live with dad</p>


<p>...no such thing as a "shoo-in" at that level of college. Plenty of 2400 SAT's get rejected.</p>

<p>Deinitely not, no one is a "shoo in" at an Ivy. </p>

<p>If your stats are what you say they are though, you do have a good chance.</p>

<p>I think you have a decent shot however not a "shoo in". Great SAT's but the GPA is not the best EC's average. It all depends on major and which IVY. Good luck!</p>