Ivy League sport recruiting; among other schools like Johns Hopkins or Duke


I am a junior who plays lacrosse at a high school known for its college recruiting prowess. We have ranked in the top 5 lacrosse teams for the past 10 years. I consider myself to have the ability to be recruited to schools like Yale or Princeton on the field by I was wondering if my academics are at that same level.


3.70 UW
3.95 W
10 AP classes (9-12)
1540 SAT

When I am not playing lacrosse I am president of the Model Congress Club at my school, I intern at my state representatives office, I am a part of DECA and I volunteer at my local Red Cross location.

If you are a recruited athlete at any of those schools, your academics are fine. The key is to be a recruited athlete. What does your coach say about where you might fit into the college game?

If you are a junior, I would imagine lacrosse recruiting is well underway. My sons sport is soccer, and at this point in d1 recruiting commitments are being made, althoughthere is still a bit of time.


If you are a current junior, the recruiting period for D1 lax opened on Sept 1st, 2021. Have you contacted any of the coaches? Have they expressed interest in you? The top class of 2023 recruits from my son’s club program have already committed to several Ivies, including Princeton and Brown. While it definitely isn’t too late, I would think if those coaches had interest in you, you would have heard from them. Best of luck.


I don’t know the recruiting process for lacrosse well, but inside lacrosse has about 10 men already committed to Yale for the class of 2023. If you are on a powerhouse HS team, there should be seniors going to good programs you can talk to about recruiting timelines. I think you are behind and will need to work out a strategy fast.


You should know by now if coaches at top programs are interested in you. There will be some moving around at these top schools and some will decide on completely different paths but most are well into deciding between a few top programs now. I know a guy who committed to Princeton and then went to Army, and another who committed to Air Force (absolutely a top recruit in the country) and then went to another school. He didn’t have the grades or scores to get into an Ivy, but did have the lacrosse skills to play on ANY team in the country. His brother is coming up soon and he too will end up at a top program but not an Ivy, not at Hopkins or Duke because of the academics.

Another issue for the next year or two is that there are many grad students who still have eligibility because of covid so are doing a 5th or 6th year at a school or transferred for grad school. The competition is really tough right now.

But your coaches should be helping you find a school and a team. You have great academics and many coaches will break the tie between two recruits by going with the one with the better academics.