Ivy League?

<p>So in HS I have a 3.80 (weighted), my highest SAT is 1770 and I'm waiting on my recent scores. It's a pretty good score for my school, where people get1300s and 1400s I've taken:
-All HN core classes 9th and 10th grade year
-11th: IB English, IB History, IB Math (Pre-Cal), Physics, and Medical Assistant
12th: IB Business, IB English 12, IB Math 2 (Cal), Geosystems, Govt
-I've taken 3 years of Spanish</p>

<p>My Extracurricular Activities:
-2 years of Softball
-1 year of Volleyball
-2 years of Peer Mentoring
-GSA (gay-straight alliance)
-SGA (Senior Class Vice-President)
-Community Service (Elem. School Running Club and in Special Ed class)</p>

<p>I'm Sudanese, I speak Arabic and I have dual citizenship.</p>

<p>Do you guys think I could get into NYU, Stanford, UPenn, or UCLA with this info? I have a back up school, VCU, but I would prefer to go somewhere better.</p>

<p>Based on the grades only, I would say very unlikely to Stanford and Penn. UCLA and NYU are more of a maybe, depending on if you are instate or out of state for UCLA. The extracurriculars and the fact that you have dual citizenship, however, could certainly help you out. However, most accepted Ivy Leaguers have 3.8 or above GPA unweighted in the hardest classes, so having a 3.8 weighted is not to your advantage. Good luck, and I wish you well.</p>

<p>You’re going to need a much higher SAT score, preferably greater than 2100.</p>