Ivy Party!

<p>Hi guys!! I was recently rejected from penn, my top choice and the only school that I absolutely ADORE everything about! I know I wanna join a sorority, and penn had wharton as well as a reputation as the "social ivy"! if I want to study at a school with a highly ranked undergraduate business program, where recruiting for wall street is heavy, while having the full college experience with Greek life, what are some similar schools to penn?! thanks!!</p>

<p>grow up..stop being so into the brand of a college and just go somewhere that is reasonable financially and close to home.</p>

<p>You don't need a undergrad business program to go to Wall Street. If you look at the top 10 Wall Street feeders, probably 2/3 of them only offer an econ major. I would check out Duke and Cornell.</p>

<p>Dartmouth is the school you describe. No business program but a great Econ department, huge presence on Wall Street and a reputation as even more social than Penn. Getting in will be the trick.</p>

<p>I also suggest checking out Cornell. It has an excellent undergrad business program [top 5 Bloomberg, top 10 US NEWS] and active Greek life, in a wonderful college town.</p>

<p>Cornell, Dartmouth and Duke are all excellent choices. I would add Michigan-Ann Arbor. Although Greek life is not as pronounced, it is present and active and Michigan Business program has strong ties to Wall Street.</p>

<p>I can't believe no one's pointed out UVA. If you're deadset on undergraduate business OP, UVA offers the strongest pipeline to Wall Street outside of UC Berkeley and Michigan while also having the most pronounced Greek Life of the three. It also has a ton of school spirit. If you're more flexible about what you want to study in college, I would recommend Dartmouth, Duke and Cornell like the others have suggested as well.</p>

<p>Although the suggestions above are fine, you are pushing up against application deadlines for schools like Dartmouth, Duke, and Cornell (which are all about as selective as Penn.) U. Richmond has a highly regarded business program, is a bit less selective, and its deadlines are ~2 weeks later. Also consider your own state's public flagship, or a state university that isn't quite as selective as UVa. You need to identify some realistic match and safety schools (if you haven't already).</p>