IWU Music and Fine Arts?

My D just got accepted into the IWU SoM and could not be happier! Can anyone elaborate on the SoM and the environment of IWU? Thoughts are very appreciated.

You can also post this on the music major forum :slight_smile:

I thought this would be an easier and more direct way as the question is about IWU specifically :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your feedback!

Think the school might have a thread also. My daughter is 23 but went to IWU on Scholarship for theater design. But switched to another lac since she went into another direction in studies.

It’s a nice campus. Families /students seemed nice. She overall liked her teachers. She didn’t care for some professors as they didn’t seem to go deep enough for her. She felt that some students were just trying to get an A vs challenging themselves more. It is not a diverse campus at all and that bothered her. I know their making strides with that. The only downfall is that they just redid a lot of their departments think in humanities, which other small lacs are doing also.

Sometimes went up to Illinois State for a different feel. In all the time going there never really saw kids studying outside under those tree’s… Lol… So I guess they went to class… Lol.

You can post on both the IWU and the music forums. Folks on the music forum know a lot about specific SOM’s.