J.P. Morgan

<p>Is J.P. Morgan a prestigious company to work for. I know Goldman and Stanley are, but does J.P. Morgan have a good name?</p>

<p>um. yes. definitely</p>

<p>Yes, very much so.</p>

<p>Depends what you are doing? If you're a janitor it doesn't mean **** don't you think?</p>

<p>Yeah but it doesn't mean **** if you're a janitor at Blackstone either...right?</p>

<p>In IBD I'd say yeah JPM has a pretty good name, although they are notoriously stingy when it comes to pay....and I'd say UBS IB and CS CIB have better names, but that's just my opinion.</p>

<p>Asking if J.P. Morgan is a prestigious company is like asking if Yale is a prestigious school.</p>

<p>JPM is definitely not considered bulge bracket for IBD. They may be prestigious, but as far as advisory goes, they are well below Goldman, Stanley, Lehman, Citi, and Merrill to name a few. Each firm has the leading groups within IBD, and I'm not sure which group is JPM's strongest, but if you are talking about straight M&A, they are middle market.</p>

<p>Just kidding, in 2004 JPM did $270.8 bn worth of deals. More than any other bank. You can go ahead and completely disregard my previous post.</p>