JA Titan Business Simulation

<p>Advice? Success stories? </p>

<p>Arghh, my marketing teacher is basing our final grades for this term on how well we perform in the game. First place = 100, Second place = 90, Third place = 80...and so on. There are four teams in my class so the lowest possible grade is a 70 but there's no way I'll accept that. She wouldn't let us pick our teammates either. </p>

<p>How would you guys deal with uncooperative teammates? There's a slacker in my group. He's rude, unmotivated, and, frankly, a bit slow.</p>


<p>whoa your marketing teacher sounds like my econ teacher. i had him last term, and unfortunately, we did that and this other thing called UrbanPlan (some city planning simulation started by UCB and the Urban Land Institute). 1st team = 95 and decrease 5 points for following teams. the catch for us was that WE got to distribute our points. So, if your team got 90 points overall and you had 5 ppl in your group, you got 450 points to distribute. A group could end up with grades like 100, 100, 95, 95, and 60. yeah. so the slacker would have to resign himself to getting a 60.<br>
i think it just takes some people skills --after working in groups all these years throughout high school and previous experience-- to motivate the other group members. don't know how much that helped, but just sharing my experience. good luck.</p>

<p>ohh I like the 450 points idea. I'll definetely mention it to my teacher.</p>