Hey everybody. I started this thread early one even if I know the JKC will be launched later on. I believe it is a way for us to start connecting.

I created this thread since June, I just wondered if like every year some of the JKC Undergraduate transfer scholarship applicants of this year will like to chat about the application process. So, my name is Abdoul-hanane Gbadamassi, I am a BMCC CUNY alumni. I was a semifinalist last year.
Feel free to introduce yourself and let’s get to know each other. We are forever family :mechanical_arm::heart:

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Does anyone know when the transfer decision will be released?

Umm i don’t really know the exact date. But they said it will be in this month so expect the result to be available any time. But most likely it will be at the end of the month.

That makes sense. Last year it came out around the end of Jan, but since the due date was extended this year it makes sense that it would be a bit later.

Yes , were you an applicant last year too and which school are you attending as It will be good to get to know each other outside of the scholarship sphere.:wink:. I also hope to see a lot of people this year in this thread :muscle: like past year.

Yes, I was an applicant last year. Fingers crossed this year!

Hello!! Im also 2021 transfer student :wink: can’t wait to hear back from the JKC foundation. I think it’ll be most likely around the next week or so. Good luck to everyone !

Results are out, congrats to the semifinalists!

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Have you guys completed the additional information requests and css profiles yet?

Provide me with your Instagram username. We have a chat there for semifinalists. If any new semifinalist came across this page add me on IG : @Just_good__vibes___ and let’s connect. You will be also able to meet other semifinalist after I add you to the gc😁.