Was interviewed and got a email from JCK just now to fill out a form! Good luck everyone!

@ColumbiaSimp: I checked my CSS account today and noticed that the JKCF had requested to upload an updated tax statement. Not sure what that means, if they’re still considering my application or if it’s just regular paperwork. But I promptly uploaded it! Good luck to us all! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

Hey @ColumbiaSimp: Could you please tell us a bit more about that interview? What did they ask and how did it go? Was it on-cam (Zoom, BlueJeans, or other)? Thank you.

Congrats, I didn’t know they are still sending the forms out. Good to know. I will update others on that @ryarno

They interview is done through blue-jeans. Good luck to everyone and please let us know if you know by when the result are going to be out.

Hi everyone! congratulations on who got selected as a semi-finalist. I am also a semi-finalist, but I haven’t heard from JKCF since the email that notified me about me being selected as a semi-finalist. I see many of you talking about getting an email to set up the CSS profile but I haven’t received anything about that either. Does that mean I cannot be one of the finalists?
Any help will be appreciated as the anxiety is killing me… :frowning:

Read the thread if you need more clarification but that does not mean that you will not be a finalist. You stand your chances as all of us.

@annieanne: I didn’t get an email. I logged onto my CSS and IDOC profile and noticed there was a request to upload a new tax-related document. Glad I did because the deadline to submit it is today. I suggest you check your CSS & IDOC profile to make sure you’re not missing anything. Also, doesn’t hurt to check the JKCF Application Management portal.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I am sorry if I sound dumb, but I am kinda lost. I submitted my application via the common app and I don’t have an account on CSS. Do you suggest making one? Also, I did checked the application portal but it doesn’t say that it need to submit anything. Also, thanks again for the quick response.

@annieanne: Soon after being notified about the semifinalist decisions, the JKCF sent an email asking candidates to create a CSS Profile and upload the most recent transcript and college acceptance letters no later than March 11, 2021. I think today’s update was so they can have the most updated forms.

I didn’t receive an email for creating a CSS profile. but thanks for the clarification. I emailed JKCF, hopefully, they will let me know what should I do next.

Ah, oh wow; they never sent me that email. I guess I am going to be rejected. Best of luck to everyone!

March: sent additional information (most recent transcript, college acceptance letter, etc), completed CSS profile

April: had interview via blue jean. Discussed about college decision plan; summer events; etc

May: filled out the conduct and enrollment confirmation form

Thanks, @ColumbiaSimp. Did the JKCF send you the “conduct and enrollment confirmation form” via email? I’m asking because I didn’t receive that. I understand that candidates are at different places in their applications, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that those who did not get it are not being considered anymore. I just updated my college acceptance letter, so it all depends. That said, I’m interested in knowing what exactly is the conduct and enrollment confirmation form.
:thinking: Now that I think of it, do you mean conduct and enrollment of a specific college or conduct and enrollment confirmation form for the JKCF scholarship program? :woman_shrugging:t2: Thanks for answering.

Jack Kent Cooke send an enrollment and conduct form last week. But again not receiving it doesn’t mean you will not be finalist.let’s keep hopes up💪

@Guru123: Oh, I get it now. Alright then. Well, frankly, I think I’m out of the race because I didn’t receive any of that. Thanks for the midnight optimism. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Let’s see where this goes, but I doubt I’m in. Then again, why would they be asking me to upload documents today if I’m out of the picture? Just for the sake of paperwork? :woman_shrugging:t2:

To clarify, all of the info such as additional info, css profile, acceptance letter, etc, was asked by JKC. Good luck everone!!:pleading_face::crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks, again, @ColumbiaSimp. One last question: The conduct and enrollment confirmation form you mention is a college conduct and enrollment confirmation form, correct? It’s not a form that the JKCF sent you to fill out, right? Thank you.

some poeple in the discord server said that their schools rep already reached out to them saying they are finalists

That is lit. We will all know soon. I Keep fingers crossed for everyone in this thread.