Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 2021

I didn’t see a thread for this scholarship yet. If anyone wants to share their updates or any information past or present.

I received an email I passed the first phase so they sent me a short questionnaire to complete.

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There’s a group over on Reddit if you’re not already on that thread.

They have contacted semi-finalists for more information…

As of 6/28/21, has anyone heard anything from JRF on winners of their scholarships? My son interviewed 4 weeks ago but has not heard anything.

Hi I also had my interview about 4 weeks ago, did you get the email that came out yesterday saying that scholars would find out next week or on July 8th?

Yes, he did get that email, and we are anxiously waiting now.

Have you received any more emails? I just found out I was a scholar on the 8th.

Unfortunately, my son received a letter stating he did not get scholarship. Congratulations to you!