James Madison Uni COB (BBA CIS) vs. Rowan University Rohrer Business School (BS MIS)

Which is better for Information Systems? Do they have good reputations in their respective areas (I know JMU has a good reputation in NoVA, but I was wondering about Rowan in the Tri-State-Area). I’m fine w/ working in DC or NY after graduation. I love both areas.

Also, will I be disadvantaged if I want an MS in CS/IT/IS if I do a BBA vs a BSc? Nevertheless, as long as I get good grades, will my MSc goal not be ruined (I’d much much rather do an MSc than an MBA)? My end goal is an MS in a computing-related field, and I really don’t want to hinder that by doing a Business Admin Bachelor’s (in COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS) vs. a BSc in a similar subject (like MIS). Thank you.

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