Jan. 1 Deadline Question

I have 2 supplements that I'm currently working on and will be submitting tomorrow morning. Their due date is Jan 1. I have completed every other part of their applications (sent in transcripts/gc recommendation/teacher recs/common app/test scores/etc), except I have not yet submitted the supplements to both schools (but plan to tomorrow).</p>

<p>My question is: will the schools view it as late if they don't "receive" it on their "application portal" before Jan 1? It will be SENT on CommonApp before January 1, but if the college does not receive it until, say, January 2, would that be a problem?</p>

<p>Sorry if I sound confusing.</p>

<p>The date that counts is the date you submit it.</p>

The date that counts is the date you submit it.


<p>Yes. If sent by paper, the postmarked date is what is important as well.</p>