Jan 28 Exam, math question

<p>Hmm...So, for the Jan 28th SAT test math section, there was a question asking about p is divisible by 3 and is p+3/p(p+3) divisible by i.2 ii.3 ii.9</p>

<p>Many of you say it is p(p+3). I thought it was p+3 and some of you say it's p+3. So I checked at a Korean website (Korean version of CC kind of thing) to check and some people saw it as p+3 and some peopel solved it as p(p+3). I don't think hundreds of students are stupid to see p(p+3) or vice versa. </p>

<p>I am assuming there were two types of exams, having p(p+3) and p+3 depending on what the test numbers end with. For example, test numbers ending with odd numbers have p(p+3) and test numbers ending with even numbers have p+3, to prevent students who copy from getting 800?. Just my opinion. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>No. It was one type of exam. It was p(p+3). The answer was E. Please, a 780/790 is no different from an 800. No offense, but people like you annoy me greatly.</p>

<p>I am not saying getting 780/790 will DESTROY my score. Many test takers are saying they solved it as p+3. So I just wanted to make it clear. If it annoys you, just ignore it? No need to be so rude.</p>

<p>I saw p+3, anything is possible i guess.</p>

<p>@fatnerd your attitude on cc is sometimes humorous; however, it's kind of offensive now. Even if the exam is the same everywhere (which you cannot prove right now) there are better ways to inform the OP. Afterall he just asked an innocent question. P.s i liked your old username better.;-)</p>

<p>People, please, if you take offense at such an innocuous comment, then you must have serious problems. I prefer to elaborate my point with the tone that I see appropriate. Not necessarily for provocative or trolling purposes, but more for the effect of the statement.</p>

<p>Now now guys, calm down and try to do the following sentence completion by refering to the information above.</p>

<p>Which word fits best:</p>

<p>9jagurl96's ______ sounded more like a ______ to Fat_Nerd's irascible demeanor.</p>

<p>A) admonishment....lambaste
B) excoriation....reprimand
C) sophistry....anecdote
D) antagonism....waggery
E) extemporization...waylay</p>


<p>Correct answer is A.</p>

<p>"serious problems"? That's just downright insultive. @kazeiras yup the answer is A. Btw was your question p+3 or the other one.</p>

<p>Yep, the correct answer is A ! :)</p>