Jan. 28 French Subject Test

<p>Pre/Post Test Discussion (It's super-early, I know.)</p>

<p>How are you guys studying? Got any tips? How far are you guys in your French courses.</p>

<p>I'm scared ****less right now! I haven't started formal studying; I'm waiting until Christmas break, which is taking forever! I have been trying to decipher Le monde and getting About.com's Mot du jour (which I can't seem to figure out since it sends me more than one email per day).</p>

<p>^dude thanks it looks good!
But...I can't click on anything. I'm going to wait to e-mail them. Do you know how much does it costs? Do you like Skype with them? I'm not taking listening, so can they give me practice problems? Cuz everything sounds the same in French! (no joke haha)</p>