Jan SAT! How many words appeared from DH?

<p>hi guys
I took the SAT in Jan but didn't know how many words appeared from Direct hits and wanna know it.
Does anyone know exactly how many words appeared from DH?</p>

<p>Here's all the ones I could remember - 8 out of 18 Vocabulary</a> on the Jan 28 SAT Test</p>

<p>As several posters have already pointed out, DH did not perform well on the January SAT. Your website list is incomplete. CC posters (including me) compiled a complete list of the Sentence Completion answers.There were a total of 26 words. DH had only 6 hits - adroit, voluptuous, histrionic, obdurate, meticulous, and prescient. DH did not have unique, docile, quackery, forestall, erudition, formal, transcribed, aberrant, cathartic, ruminate, and inclusion.</p>