January 2012: US History

<p>How's everyone feeling about this one?
I'm estimating a 770-800 for myself.</p>

<p>Anyone remember one about Jefferson and The Embargo Act of 1807 ?</p>

<p>Anyone interested in compiling questions?</p>

<p>The answer for the embargo act question was that it harmed the u.s economy more than england</p>

<p>Does anyone remember the except in the korean war question?</p>

<p>I believe the EXCEPT answer had to do with the UN involvement. The answer choice said something about the Korean Conflict being the "first" time the UN was involved militarily. I think the UN had earlier involvement in 1948 in Israel and 1949 in India/Pakistan.
The other choices were all true--the recall of MacArthur, the Chinese army invading and the Armistice ending the conflict.</p>

<pre><code> Any other questions anybody?

<p>There were only 90 Questions right? I just want to make sure i didn't turn a page and that there were five more.</p>

<p>You are correct; there were 90 questions.</p>

<p>The Korean War one...I'm pretty sure it's the Guerrilla</p>

<p>somehow duke got a hold of my sat scores earlier than i can...780 on this one</p>