January 28 SAT Advice

<p>Well, I took the PSAT in October and got a 1980 (800M 600W and 580R)
I also took a full length practice test today and got a 1980 again (700M 690W 590R)</p>

<p>My question is:</p>

<p>If I am aiming for a 2100+, should I sign up for the SAT in January and hope that my studying will help my scores increase that 120+ points or is it better to wait till March to take it?</p>

<p>March would seem like a good choice to me at first, but then I heard that the curve is one of the hardest of the year and that January's is much more forgiving.</p>

<p>Any input? Thanks</p>

<p>I don't think there's any regular, predictable differences in curves from month to month. Obviously there are differences month to month, but I don't believe there's any regular pattern.</p>

<p>I'd wait and take it in march.</p>

<p>With superscoring, why not take in January, March and June?</p>

<p>don't base your test date on curve, curves are unpredictable and negligible anyways. The curve between the ABSOLUTE easiest and ABSOLUTE hardest was probably like 50 points maximum, but between test dates its often like 20 points. Go when you are ready. Like muck said, why not do Jan, March, and Jun?</p>

<p>Thanks for all the good comments guys, and with that I've really just gotten down to the base of it:</p>

<p>I have 3 test dates for SAT and 1 for SAT Subject tests
Whatever happens, I'm gonna take the subject tests in June since it's the only time that World History is going to be offered.</p>

<p>This means that I either take the test Jan, March, and May, or March, May, and October</p>

<p>Last question:</p>

<p>Study one month and take January or take the October one?</p>

<p>I suggest that you study really hard this month and take January. With your PSAT score I think you have a good shot at getting the score that you're aiming for. I got like 176 as a junior on my PSAT and 3 months later I broke 2000 on my January SAT. So I think you'll be fine. I then took the June and October SATs, but I only improved 10pts from my June score. -_- I feel like it's not too good to have a huge gap in between testing dates because you're bound to forget some info and fall out of the "SAT mode." I think it's better to just work really hard and then get it done in a shorter period of time. Two of my friends took the SAT after the summer and their scores went down :/ But in the end it's your choice. Think about what classes you might take next year because I almost died with all the AP hw + extracurricular + college apps + SAT.
Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>I agree with the above poster. Waiting too long to take the SAT can actually be bad for you, and can add a lot of unnecessary stress. After taking the SAT in October, I had to choose between retaking in December or January. I went with December so that I'd be more focused on the SAT, and it definitely paid off.</p>