January dealine - quick question

My son is planning to apply to a few more schools in the next day. If he gets the Common app in do you think the school report, recommendation, SAT, etc… can go in a few days later? Thanks!

Yes. Colleges will give a small grace period for items that are put if your control, like transcripts and recs. But he need to send his part of the application in time.

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Thanks! We just need the guidance counselor to get back to work and make requests regarding the FAFSA and SATs.

Your GC shouldn’t have to do anything for FAFSA…you input the colleges you want to send the info to. Check to see if the schools also require CSS Profile, if you are applying for financial aid.

Self-report the SAT scores on the app at the schools that allow that, send official scores to others (you generally do that and have to pay for it unless you have fee waivers). There are some schools that will accept pdf scores from the GC.

GC typically needs to send the HS transcript, which may or may not be uploaded, along with counselor rec and LoRs, to Naviance/scoir (if your school uses one of those).

Good luck.