January enrollment?

<p>i spoke to a Brown graduate yesterday and he said that when he was accepted, he had to wait until January to start. is this a common practice? i’ve searched the forum with no results.</p>

<p>no, it's not a common practice. i believe it is possible to be waitlisted and later offered a spot for the following semester or year...but this is rare and requires unusual circumstances</p>

<p>thanks dcircle. this guy talked about it like it happened all the time. you're accepted but you have to wait till jan. who knows the real story?</p>

<p>middlebury does this..I didn't know Brown did though...</p>

<p>some schools offer spring semester admissions to qualified students who they dnt have space for....</p>

<p>I guess they are counting on some of the freshman that went in the fall to transfer/dropout. But I doubt they do this formore than a handful of applicants.</p>