January SAT Late?

<p>So I talked to my counselor 2 or 3 weeks ago about college and she had said it was okay to take the SAT in January (that sending my scores in, even though its passed the application date would be fine) and that it would still count. Now I get these school papers and it says that the last date to take the SAT and be able to send them in for Cal States and UCs is in December so I go talk to her and she says yes thats the last chance to take them. So can I still take it in January and still be able to send them in to colleges?? </p>

<p>BTW I'm applying to CSUF,CSULB, CSUDH, and perhaps UCI UCDAVIS</p>


<p>CSUs and UCs want all testing completed by the Decmber test dates, see, e.g., CSULB</a> 2011-2012 Catalog - Test Requirements and Information and University</a> of California - Dates & deadlines</p>

<p>Many colleges require testing to be completed by December; a large minority, however, accept January tests but not the UCs or CSUs.</p>