Javier gives thanks....

<p>thought y'all might enjoy this article from the KC Star today. Javier help DD with her 5k..nice guy :). Look forward to watching him play this year. Rashard Langford was also present at the 5k..also a nice guy even if he went toVandy (but he is from Alabama).
After</a> tornado, every day is a good day for Chiefs’ Arenas - KansasCity.com</p>

<p>aphimommy: Thank you for sharing the article. As usual, these articles made me cry but they also make me so proud of these caring students. Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Love Javy. Great player and an even better person. Thanks for the article.</p>

<p>Just a reminder ...y'all do such a great job on raising great kids!!!! Everyone give yourselves a big ole pat on the back...this is what I mean about raising those baby birds to spread their wings and fly. As y'all are boo hooing as you drive away from that dorm..remember this is what y'all are doing..it's worth it!!!! so proud to part of the Crimson Tide Family!!!</p>