Jazz Band Names!

<p>Help me name my school’s jazz band, we need a cool name!</p>

<p>the E-flats!
the angry squirrels
sexual chocolate (anyone see "coming to america"? muhahaha)
prussian blues
phalo blues
the jhum 7
the placid notes</p>


<p>interesting stuff, i kinda like the placid notes, and my director's last name is David Ryan Miller so you can play off of that</p>

<p>the romanians
half past never
The LPHS Jazz Band
Total War
Patton and Monty
Hogan's Horns
hold the 'phones</p>

<p>Run DRM
Flyin Ryan's Cryin' Sirens :p
The Dave "Brubeck" Miller Band
Miller's flour
the ox's
mortar's pestles
placid penguins :cool:</p>

<p>classic texts
snow globes
it took us 2 HOURS to get here!
no sheet music
our band director's white!
penta placid
cool blue</p>

Placid Notes, ehh
Run DRM, i mentioned that at rehearsal, he said NO
Calmness, ehh
Half Past Never, i kinda like
Total War is decent,
thanks for the help, i would like as many decent names as i can get</p>

<p>most (well, pretty much all) were just silly, but if you want some good jazz band names, look up famous artists and use the name of a painting as a band name.</p>

<p>try dali</p>

<p>hmmm...name of paintings?!</p>

<p>why not?</p>

the tartans
the paranoids
the anthropomorphics
white calm
morphological echo
geological justice
geographical justice</p>

<p>nuclear cross
the colossus of rhodes
the disintegration of the persistence of memory (a little long)
assumpta canaveral
celestial ride
vision of fatima</p>

<p>you see?</p>

<p>miller time</p>

<p>darn you. y couldn't i come up with something that easy?</p>

<p>-miller light
-miller genuine draft
-miller's high life</p>

Blue Night
The false mirror</p>

<p>haha, ya, we always make fun of him, whenever he is about to speak serious, we deem it Miller time, but it could be a good band name too!</p>

<p>ok. now we are somewhere. were those paintings?</p>

<p>in any case, i'm off. looks like you've made progress. cornellian essays (common app, actually)</p>

<p>I have a great name for a band...The Kinetochores.</p>

<p>cool sounding and geeky.</p>

<p>that or Telemerase.</p>

<p>ya, those are paintings actually, thank you AP art history textbook, i finished my cornell essays, Haha</p>

<p>i'm so jealous. i still have to get some divine inspiration for my main common app essay</p>