Jazzercize anyone?

Six months before S1s wedding I signed up for jazzercize to tone up a little. I’m amazed at how much I enjoy it. There’s a strong emphasis on weights and core strengthing and the cardio is just so much fun! It’s kinda pricey, so not sure how long I’ll keep going, but, as one member told me “it’s cheaper than therapy”. Is anyone else a member?

The one Jazzercise class in our area has very loud music–you can year it blasting from across the parking lot on the residential street. I don’t enjoy loud music, so have steer clear of gyms and exercise classes that have loud music. Other than that, I know people who seem to enjoy it. My sister likes yoga and Zumba. I’m a fan of yoga but with Zumba again the music is just too loud for me and turns me off from the activity.

I have done aerobic dancing on and off for the past 20 years. I have done Zumba but I like the aerobic dancing better. The one I go to is Jacki Sorensen’s fitness and they do some weights, core work, and floor stuff also. Most of the women in the class are lifers (one has been going for over 40 years and is in her mid-80s.)

My mom has done jazzercise for 30 plus years she absolutely loves it!

Even with earplugs, I couldn’t handle the loud music. Now I take two barre classes a week.

I haven’t done real Jazzercise, just aerobics and Zumba.There is one of those forty years old and going strong classes near me, though, and I like to watch it. The instructor dresses in those old Jane Fonda type outfits without irony!