<p>Is it possible to go straight into grad school without work experience if I were to be in search of a JD/MBA? and what are the benefits to getting this over a regular Law degree or MBA</p>

<p>Answers to your questions:</p>

<p>1) Doubtful. You can get into a law school without experience, but a B-school is a different story. If it was a lower-tier one, then possibly, but an upper-tier B-school? That's a tall order.</p>

<p>2) The same benefits as getting any other dual-degree. Basically, you have the credibility to span both worlds - in your case, the legal world and the business world. For example, you might be more credible as a company's in-house counsel. You might be able to apply business knowledge to help other law firms develop their practice, because you have a background in business as well as law. Those are just a few ideas - I'm sure other people can come up with more.</p>

<p>I think one of the more useful aspects of the JD/MBA would be simply that you'd be a member of 2 alumni organizations, and thus would be able to network with both. Yet let's not forget that the JD/MBA would require one more year over just the JD by itself, and is therefore obviously more expensive (an extra year's worth of tuition and lost salary).</p>