jd/phd anthropology at UF?

<p>Does anyone ave any insight into this grad program at UF. I am a current college student who is split between persuing a law degree or becoming a phd anthropologist. It is for this reason that this unique program stands out to me. My question is why do people decide to do this program? whats the benefit of it? wouldnt a lawyer have no use for a phd and wouldnt a professor/researcher have little to no use for a phd? thanks in advance</p>

<p>just to be clear, im referring to the joint degree program offered at University of Florida</p>

<p>Just curious, what are you going to do with a joint JD and PHD in Anthropology? Are you planning to sue the dead, old people? If so, don't count on much of a return on investment.</p>

<p>@taxguy, thats what im asking. Im not saying im going to do it but i want to know why such program exists.</p>

<p>It either exists because the University President has Ferrari payments to make, or you might not get a job in either field.</p>