Jefferson/Philadelphia - 5 Yr Direct PA program

Anyone been accepted or know much about this program?

We visited here several times and also have a friend who has a son in the program and he loves it (2nd semester sophomore). They just opened a brand new science building that is beautiful. My DS was accepted here, but it is turning out to be our most expensive option so far (also accept to Seton Hill, King’s, and Desale’s, waitlisted at Duquesne). We live only 1 hr from Jefferson, so distance will play a part in the final decision.

Did you decide which school will attend? We declined Duquesne last month.

we declined Duquesne last month as well. cost to attend was too much greater than other choices. We now deciding between Jefferson and Seton Hill.

Which school did your child decide on and is your friend’s son still happy at Jefferson?