Jerome Fisher, A Wise Choice?

<p>I am considering applying to the Jerome Fisher Program regular decision. Do I have the stats to get in, or is it just too selective. Also, if I dont get into this program do I still have the same chances of gaining admission into the Engineering department?</p>

<p>Here are my Stats:</p>


<li>SAT: 1490/2200, M:780 V:710 W:710</li>
<li>SAT IIs: Math IIC:770 Physics: 740 Biology E:740</li>
<li>GPA: 3.96 UW 6.5 W</li>
<li>Rank: 2/138, 16/9700 county</li>
<li>Other stats: 9 AP exams, 4 5s and 5 4s. IB Diploma Candidate.</li>


<li>Essays: Above average maybe 8/10. Its very subjective so im not exactly sure of the true quality. Person of Influence - Homer Hickam from October Sky</li>
<li>Teacher Recs: 1 Absolutely Amazing, 1 Good but not outstanding</li>
<li>Counselor Rec: Amazing</li>
<li>Hook (if any): I started my own high powered rocketry club and business to fund it. We have 100 members, high power certification, HAM radio license, have broken the sound barrier, gone a mile high, and also have a community outreach project at a camp for underpriveledged kids.</li>

<p>ECs: High Power Rocketry Founder and President of club plus everything mentioned above
Guitar/Garage Band
Teach 2nd grade sunday school
Tutor at Middle School
Stat Team captain for Mu Alpha Theta with various place awards
Science Fair - 2 1st place county, 3rd state physics, plus about 12 corporate awards
Science Bowl Co-Captain and Co-Founder, 2nd state division, National Invitational finalist
Science National Honors Society Vice President
Summer Science Training Program - I worked in a lab for Motorola over the summer developing an algorithm to reduce noise in cell phone speech signals</p>


<li>State or Country: FL</li>
<li>School Type: Public - IB</li>
<li>Ethnicity: White Jewish</li>
<li>Gender: male</li>

<p>i feel like ive read these stats before... anyway, idk abt the JF prog but i did sstp too!! summer of 05 - wat abt u?</p>

<p>Summer of 06. Ya sorry about the repost of stats, but I recently decided to try the JF program. Did you do it at the University of Florida?</p>

<p>yep - my zoology project won 2nd at states. pretty cool stuff. </p>

<p>gotta love those creepy beaty elevators =)</p>

<p>Lol oh ya. So what college are you at now? Are you at Penn? SSTP was pretty awesome.</p>

<p>im a snr right now - applied ED to penn. </p>

<p>and yea, i still miss those kids. we have so many pics from the field trips and stuff. but its cool b/c im still in touch my roommates and stuff. sstp guys do rly well - a lot of my friends from that summer are at yale, penn, brown, etc. i guess the research experience makes us look pretty darn cool. =)</p>

<p>Sweet!! Ya you probably know people I know. Counselor Ross, Ananth Kharod, Charmi Vijapura. Dude where do you live. PM me if u want to talk on AIM or something</p>

<p>K-rod!!! & C-dawg!?
dude, are u indian - like, underneath? lol
aww we l0ved ross!!!!!
yea, def will im ya lol</p>

<p>sorry you nvr got ur question answered... lol</p>

<p>I am pretty much indian, I go to indian parties and hang out with a lot of indians. Talk to you soon</p>