Jerome Fisher (M&T) Thread

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I’m happy to have this opportunity to talk and connect with everyone applying to Penn. This is a thread for those accepted to the M&T Program! I just want to know you guys more…please post!</p>

<p>Deferred...sorry you won't find many of us as lucky as you on here lol</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't think I fully deserve to be part of the program. I've seen your stats, Streetlight. They are incredible, MUCH better than mine. My only hook was probably the fact that I was the only ED applicant from the entire peninsula of Korea (from what I believe) this year. It's funny how something like that, which I can't control, has a bearing on my admissions process.</p>

<p>Nevertheless, I am happy that I got accepted. Am I alone?</p>

<p>Thanks, kimqwerty. Don't downplay your acceptance. I'm sure you were very qualified and there were other factors that both of us do not see.</p>

<p>Yes, I wanted to get into the program and am pretty disappointed, but I guess this opens up doors to other places I may not have given an opportunity before. Thank you for your support however and I'm sure you will enjoy your experience. Don't stop posting on CC because I would like to know how you are enjoying the program throughout the year. In the meantime, I need to get my other applications together.</p>

<p>Again, congratulations on your successes.</p>

<p>I was accepted into the Jerome Fisher (M&T) Program...I've posted my stats in multiple other threads.</p>

<p>hey, yeah me too. Congrats guys</p>

<p>where are you from?</p>

<p>what are your stats or suggestions? I'm applying to Jerome Fisher, but probably will end up at the engineering college which is the backdrop I chose. anyways, congrats guys. it must be neat to have the next four years of your life in order already (in december).</p>

<p>My stats? oh my stats are posted on the Penn ED Decision thread, check page 2, 3 or 4. </p>

<p>I'm from Seoul. How about you guys?</p>

<p>I know at least six Koreans who applied to Penn. (Koreans as in Korean Koreans not Koreans Americans) I doubt your being Korean helped you gain admission.</p>

<p>Congrats. See you at Penn next year.</p>

<p>Oh really? six koreans to Jerome Fisher? Man, do you know which schools they are graduating from? I checked with Daewon, Minjok Academy, ICS, SFS and SIS.</p>

<p>apparently a 1600 SAT I, 800 bio, 780 writing, 750 IIC, 750 chem, national AP scholar, straight A's, national merit semfinalist, and multiple leadership positions at school aren't enough to get into Jerome Fisher</p>

<p>deferred from M&T =(</p>

<p>on the website, it says that 15% of deferred candidates get in, but what about dual-degree people who are deferred to single degrees? Do different statistics apply to those situations?</p>

<p>anyways, congrats to everyone who got in, it seems like you guys are all well-deserving and outstanding people.</p>

<p>Damn, are you an asian from New Jersey that got deferred M&T too? lol</p>

<p>yeah asian male from new jersey...</p>

<p>we are the ones that the college admissions process shafts</p>

<p>where in new jersey are you from streetlight?</p>

<p>private message me or something</p>

<p>fanimal are u from ridge? pm me if u want lol</p>

<p>btw street is the awesomest. i can't believe he got deferred (like me)</p>

<p>yeah he's from ridge, thanks afa</p>

<p>aw, still hanging around? (like me as well...) =/</p>

<p>My cousin was accepted to M&T; he's an asian male from New Jersey.</p>

<p>from daewon who got into Wharton... four people got deferred.</p>

<p>there is also a Korean person from Kuwait who got into M&T. (btw is this you?)</p>

<p>Kuwait? Hm. I'm from Seoul...I heard about Wharton applicants from Daewon and other schools, but I didn't know there were any Jerome Fisher applicants from Korea.</p>