Jerome Fisher

<p>Did anyone apply?</p>

<p>yeah i did. i'm expecting my rejection letter on march 31st. i applied as engineering for my "backup", but I should have done wharton, but i changed my mind in january so it was too late.</p>

<p>i applied ED and was deferred...wharton was my backup...just hoping i get atleast wharton :(</p>

<p>westsidewolf, I did wharton backup and wished I had picked engineering. if only, we could swap each other...</p>

<p>I did ED and was deferred too. Picked Wharton as 2nd choice... oh well, there is still NUS / NTU / SMU if I get rejected everywhere.</p>

<p>i looked at the Facebook group for accepted students in Jerome Fisher...there are 22 kids so far accepted..that means only about 30 or so spots left....i dont think im going to make it :(</p>