Jerome Fisher


<p>I'm really interested in the jerome fisher M&T program at Penn. I just want to know how many people get in ED and how many RD. It looks like an awesome program, but I want to keep my options open, so I'm trying to decide between applying RD vs. ED.</p>


<p>Hey Petree,</p>

<p>It varies from year to year. Generally, the adcom takes the qualified students using a quota only likely, from the data I've seen. I imagine that they can take anywhere from 25-35 students ED, and 25-35 students RD. It's about evenly split. What I would do is see if it's your number one, then apply ED if it- if not, apply RD. Personally, I did RD, even though it was my number one, because I found out about it really late, so I probably would have done ED had I known sooner, but it worked in my favor anyway. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>