Jersey City/New York?

<p>I need to go to Jersey City next week; I have looked on the map but am not sure - am I correct in assuming that it makes sense to take the Amtrak into Penn Station, and then just taxi into Jersey City? Or, would it be better to get off in Newark?</p>

<p>LTS- Others may be more qualified than me but I do know the area a little bit... I think the answer to your question depends on what time of day (and day of week) you are going there. If it is close to the morning rush, then your plan would be good. If it is close to the evening rush then it may not be great. It also depends on what part of Jersey City...if it is near the Hyatt then taking the PATH from WTC might be the smartest thing to do.</p>

<p>Taxi is not necessary; PATH from either Newark or Penn Station...It's called Journal Square; not sure exactly which is faster/easier though....</p>

<p>LTS- Path is the easiest to journal square from either newark or penn station. Many of the downtown buildings are right around journal square and are within easy walking distance.</p>


<p>Rodney is right take the PATH. This area has alot of commuters, and it runs often. Becareful of JC, there are some areas that you would not want to get lost in! Don't be worried, there are some great areas, but it is like any other city, some good, some not so good</p>

<p>PATH</a> Timetables | Newark - WTC Station | Weekday Service</p>

<p>LTS, please check this link to the PATH trains from Newark to Journal Square. If you get off Amtrak in Newark, it's a very short trip to Jersey City, (~10-12 minutes) and the PATH trains run frequently. Good luck!</p>

<p>LTS, are you feeling up to taking multiple trains and dealing with the stations? If it were me, I'd go from Newark to Journal Square as was suggested. It's not a tough trip at all, but if you're not feeling well, perhaps a car.</p>

<p>I'm so sorry, I meant to come back to this and then ran out of time. I just looked at my train tickets and realized I told someone to book me from D.C. to Newark. Does it make sense for me to get off at Newark (EWR) if my final destination is Jersey City, Harborside/Exchange Plaza, and take a taxi? Or should I go straight into NYC? (Sorry, I cannot deal with the PATH trains - not feeling normal enough.)</p>

<p>I am confused.
If your final destination is Jersey City, do you need to be in NYC for any reason, business or hotel?
If not, from DC to Newark then Jersey City makes the most sense.</p>

<p>Thanks, Mominva. No, I do not need to be in NYC for any other reason - so my train tickets are correct then, Newark (EWR) is the right place to get off? And then I can taxi...</p>

<p>You got it!
Have a safe trip.</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>EWR is the airport. If amtrak stops at the airport it is a relatively new thing (within the past 10 years). I would have thought you would get off at Newark Penn Station (not to be confused with Penn Station in New York city under Madison Square Garden). </p>

<p>Isn't it thoughtful of Amtrak to have a Penn Station in Newark New Jersey as well as a Penn Station in New York New York within several miles of each other?</p>

<p>I have never used (nor even seen) the train station at EWR. I was just reading about it, and it sounds like you might have to take the monorail from the train station to the airport just to get a taxi, because the station is designed to serve air travelers. Not sure about this, but it does say, "There is no direct access to this station by road, only by train or the monorail. Parking and other facilities are available at the airport."</p>

<p>Yes, there is a (recently added) train station that serves Newark airport and, yes, EWR is the designation for the airport.</p>

<p>from the ewr train station you have to take the airtrain (monorail) to the parking areas/terminals. If you want a cab, your best bet is to take the airtrain to one of the terminals. You probably have a much better chance of getting a cab at ewr than at newark penn station.</p>