Jewelry shopping help needed

<p>My H and I celebrate our 29th anniversary in a few days. He mentioned that we might celebrate by getting new wedding rings. The metal in our rings has inexplicably shrunk (that must be it!), and our rings leave deep impressions in our fingers when (and if) we can get them off.</p>

<p>We aren't looking for the flashiest or most expensive, but I do like unique. We have matching bands now, in a pattern of white and yellow gold. They weren't expensive, but I do like them. But I'm afraid the pattern makes it difficult to just have some gold added to make them larger.</p>

<p>As H said last night, it has been a long, long time since we were in the market for wedding rings, and we really have no idea where to start. All suggestions welcome. Should we just go to the mall? Are there name brand stores that are better or more reputable than others?</p>

<p>No tips on where to shop, but here's a tip: i recently had my wedding ring enlarged (because of that inexplicable shrinking problem)-- and the jeweler told me to go ring-less for a couple weeks before choosing the new size. He said that ensures a better fit. </p>

<p>Is there a way you could find a jeweler/craftsperson who would incorporate the gold from your old rings into new ones?</p>

<p>And congratulations on your anniversary!</p>

<p>Binx, there is a jeweler that advertises in the NYTimes with the most gorgeous rings. I am not a jewelry person and do not wear a wedding ring, but those rings really catch my eye. I'll have to find a Sunday Times Magazine to get the name.</p>

<p>My ring got too tight for my fingers because my knuckles are swelling. I could not get them off and got a horrible panic attack while trying to remove them. Never had anything like that in my life. I truly could not breathe. The idea of that ring stuck on my finger just really tipped into a scary place. So both my silver anniversary ring and wedding band have not gone back on. I'm thinking of getting a nice necklace chain and wearing it around my neck.</p>

<p>Anyone know how to search for ads that are in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine? Sheesh, I usually block the danged thing and now that I want to find one, I can't. There is a link to hit if you want to advertise but I don't see many advertisments. The paper copy has its regulars, and the jeweler is one.</p>

<p>^^I don't think the ads are included in the online version...are you thinking of a jeweler or a manufacturer? I think that Charriol advertises often in the Sunday mag from my recollection.....</p>

<p>binx, absolutely no idea, but congrats to you and H.</p>

<p>When we hit our 30th a few years back, I told the missus I could have gotten less time for murder. ;)</p>

<p>No, I believe the jeweler is a man's name. Like John Standish, or something. Very attractive, interesting rings.</p>

<p>violadad - Gee, you're so romantic! Reminds me of my parents' secret to a long marriage: They told us they agreed that whomever left had to take the kids.</p>

<p>I will probably have to get the rings at someplace we can order in person, to make sure we get the right size. But I'm enjoying looking at various ones online for ideas.</p>

<p>H reminded me tonight that he actually has a ladies' ring. The guy version of the band we chose was much thicker and clunky. (Even the ladies' version is wider than many.) He thought if the ring was too big, he'd end up being one of those husbands who never wore their ring. He's not too picky; we agreed that we still want matching bands, and he would like them to be engraved. It's the only way he can remember the date.</p>

<p>I like this jeweler
Eco</a> Jewelry, Made by Hand, Post-Consumer Gold Jewelry, Green Weddings
They will send you a template for sizing.</p>

It's the only way he can remember the date.

LOL! </p>

<p>"Inexplicable shrinking problem" -- love that explanation! My rings are a little tight these days, but liquid soap still gets them off. H stopped wearing his ring a number of years ago, due to "shrinking," but doesn't seem interested in getting it resized. Oh well, you have to pick your battles ...</p>

<p>Do you have any art & crafts fairs in your area? I've seen wonderful work at these fairs.</p>

<p>Our wedding rings come from these people: Home</a> Page</p>

<p>The nice thing is that they're made from pounded gold, so when they needed to be resized, they just pounded them a little thinner.</p>

<p>There are some gorgeous bands on that site, dmd. But most are way out of our price range.</p>

<p>binx, last year my engagement ring wore all the way through after 25 plus years of use. I went to a local reputable jeweler and didn't like any of the new rings they had. I felt sentimental about my diamond. I ended up buying a vintage engagement ring and having the jeweler take the diamond out of the ring he sold me, credit me for that diamond and put my original diamond in the setting. A good local jeweler is where I would go. Personally I like to support my local businesses and I don't feel that I am ensured of a quality product online when jewelery is the item. Agree re: arts and crafts fairs also where you are seeing the actual product and meeting the maker of the item.</p>

<p>There is a jeweler in the little town next door, and they have gorgeous stuff:</p>

<p>Foxfire</a> Jewelers</p>

<p>If I ever decide to have a custom piece, I'll go there. H and I will be celebrating a big one soon. I'm fantasizing about new platinum rings, but I love our simple gold bands. We never take them off. When DH had to have surgery, he did not want to part with his ring even for a few hours. :)</p>