Jewish Life at Clemson


I just finished my sophomore year at Elon at was accepted to Clemson as a transfer. I dont hate Elon but I would love to have a school bigger sports presence. Clemson seems like a great fit with one exception. Ive read that only about 1% of the population is Jewish, so I was wondering what life for a Jewish student would be like there. Im not overly religious and am not overly concerned with meeting other Jews, but I would like to know that there are a few others and that I wont get looked at or treated like im crazy. So if anyone has any incite on this, itd be greatly appreciated!


You should contact the [Clemson Hillel](!form__map/c24vq) to get a more detailed answer. Are you a South Carolina resident?

Yea, Ive seen the website and it looks very tiny. They have some pictures and there are only about 5 kids in each of them. And no, Im from South Florida so it may be a bit of a culture shock

As a jew myself, I would not attend a school knowing there were only 1% jews. That number is so small, especially because you are from south florida. You really won’t encounter jewish life at all.

if you are looking to stay in in the carolinas, why not look at UNC ? I know that you have already been accepted but I really don’t think it’s worth it for you

UNC has an amazing sports division (I personally know people who are on the school teams) and there are many jews.