Jewish Life at Denison

Hi all,
My son was just accepted to Denison. Is there any Jewish life on campus and/or in Granville? Any antisemitism on campus? Thanks!

From what I understand, Hillel is an active presence on campus. I can’t speak to anti-semitism, though the culture generally is one of tolerance and dialogue so I wouldn’t expect there to be issues generally.

For example, while a different issue, this is a place where, last year, Reince Priebus and the plaintiff in the same-sex marriage case were speaking on campus on back-to-back days, and there were no protests or outcry about allowing the other to speak, but rather students from both “sides” attending, participating etc.

Thanks for the info! We are visiting in April for the first hand experience.

Hi @newenglandjane! You mentioned in a different thread that your son was Jewish and a first year. Could you elaborate a bit more on what’s he’s found regarding Jewish life at Denison? My D20 will be visiting in April and Denison looks great, but we had slight concerns about Jewish life vs. some others she’s looking at. She’s been very involved in a Jewish youth org, though we’re not particularly observant.

And @Horseymom, would love to hear your impressions after your visit!

Will do. We’re going the first weekend in April!

I can’t comment about clubs or activities bc my child is not a joiner. I’m thinking more about his friendships, and also when there are campus events that involve a spiritual dimension, does he feel left out – he does not. He feels very comfortable as a Jewish student at Denison.

It’s great to know there are other Jews on campus and that he’s had a good experience. Thank you!

We had a really nice visit. Hillel was reportedly open and active. The campus student body seemed welcoming and very friendly in general. I got a good vibe!

I am a freshman jew and can say there’s hillel if student seeks it out. they have shabbat dinner on fridays. it’s a very waspy campus and don’t think youll meet many jews though. lotta ignorant people for sure from waspy massachusetts towns.

For what it’s worth – Denison is the kind of school which is like that story about the blind men and the elephant . . . . it gets described differently based on a person’s own experience. Diversity among students and diversity of experience was a priority for my kid and he found it at Denison. While there are lax bros and sorority girls, there are also lots of kids in the arts, film to hip hop to musical theater and jazz ensembles, there are social and political activists, sustainability kids who live at Homestead etc. My kid has enjoyed that most people don’t fit stereotypes – the sorority girl who is a film maker, the athlete who is social/political activist. Denison is more diverse than a lot of LACs, about 20% first gen, 20% international, 20% Pell grant eligible, about 35% non-white. I think the current percentage is about 18% Ohio residents. Kids from Boston, New York, DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland, Charlotte, NC, Chicago area are fairly common hometown areas. My kid knows a bunch of CA and Colorado kids as well. Posse students come from Chicago and Boston.

I’d ask Admissions for contact information for student representatives from Hillel to meet with/communicate with, to get more detailed information about Jewish life on campus.