Jewish student community at Mizzou

D has been accepted to Mizzou and is one of the top schools on her list. One of her interests in college is becoming involved with Hillel and am wondering what the Jewish student community is like at Mizzou. Is Hillel an active group? Is there a decent size Jewish community there? Questions because when I looked up Family Weekend, it is the same weekend of Jewish High Holidays (Yom Kippur).

I am wondering about the Mizzou Hillel community as well for S21, who is considering the school. The Hillel website said the undergrad Jewish population is 3% (with the usual disclaimer that it is an estimate). Did your daughter choose Mizzou or end up somewhere else? I am curious if you learned anything about this aspect of the school or if anyone else has any insight or experience. Thanks.

I am wondering the same thing for my D21.