Jewish Theological Seminary & Columbia Program

I recently found out I have been accepted into the JTS Columbia Joint degree program. For anyone who is not familiar with the program, basically I get two degrees in 4 (maybe) years, one at Columbia school of General Studies and one at JTS List College in a jewish studies.
My only concern with this is that I am a mixed race, my mom is not Caucasian. My dad is jewish and therefore I was raised jewish, but the last thing I want to do is stick out like a sore thumb for the next 4 years of my life and go through everything all over again. So I was wondering if anyone has gone through this joint program (or knows someone) and can tell me if there is any diversity at all in JTS. I know Columbia will have many different people, but since I will be living and getting a degree at JTS, I don’t want to feel totally uncomfortable or excluded because of my appearance. Thank you, and any response helps!