JHU ED...ACT score.

<p>I'm applying ED to Hopkins and I was wondering if my Nov. ACT will make it in on time?</p>


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<p>you should e-mail your regional representative to make sure :)</p>

<p>No need to email your regional representative as an answer to this question already exists here:
Johns</a> Hopkins University Office of Undergraduate Admissions - Apply - Standardized Test Requirements</p>

A Note on Standardized Test Dates
Johns Hopkins strongly recommends that Early Decision (ED) candidates complete their required standardized tests no later than October of their senior year. Regular Decision (RD) candidates should complete the required tests no later than December of their senior year.</p>

<p>Although we cannot guarantee that November (ED) or January (RD) scores will arrive before the Admissions Committee evaluation, past experience suggests that scores taken on these dates usually arrive in time.</p>

<p>November (ED) or January (RD) scores will be accepted for those students unable to meet their test requirements by October (ED) or December (RD). In such cases, we encourage you to note your intention of taking the later standardized test(s) on your application. There is no need to rush your scores.


<p>Also answered here multiple times:
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Viewing</a> Single Post From: Questions About SAT II Subject Exams</p>

<p>Thank you both.</p>

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