JHU ED or Standford REA? And Chance Me

Hello, I am currently a senior at a competitive small high school ( class of 100) and I am considering whether to ED at JHU or do REA at Stanford. I’m planning to do BME as my first choice and ChemBE as my second choice.
Here are my stats:

SAT : 1480 - 790 Math, 690 R/W (First attempt not sure if I can take a second attempt)
SAT II Chem - 770, SAT II Bio - 780
Total of 14 APs taken:
AP US Government - 5

AP CSP - 5
AP Biology - 4
AP CS A - 4
AP Lang - 3
AP Euro - 5
AP Econ Macro/Micro - 5s on both
AP Chem - 5
AP Calc AB - 5
AP Stats - 5
AP Lit - 5
AP Physics - 4

*National AP Scholar

GPA - I’m not sure yet but unweighted is around 3.93 (Top 25% out of 100, theres some grade inflation)

ECS and Awards:

-Chemistry Olympiad Semifinalist
-Stanford Changemaker Competition Winner

  • Play cricket and coach kids
  • Volunteer at bone marrow drives
  • Attended bone marrow donation drives
  • Sell cricket gear to donation
  • Attended a Stanford Medicine Program in 2019 and 2020 and did research on COVID (Looking for a rec from a mentor)
  • SIMR accepted but couldn’t attend due to COVID

I feel that my JHU essays show demonstrated interest very well and my personal statement essay is also unique. We can assume my Stanford falls with in the same range of essay quality; meaning good.

Last year the #1 choice for early application was Stanford (only 3 kids got in [2 was non-competitive major and 1 was stacked in grades, 1600 SAT]). However nobody applied ED for JHU last year.

So based on my ECs and Grades do I have a good chance on JHU ED or Stanford REA. Based on my history of Stanford Programs and maybe a recommendation from one of the professors will it provide a big boost in my Stanford application chances so that I should take the REA instead of JHU ED? Or should I do JHU ED?

Thank You