JHU General Thread

<p>First JHU Thread...I think we should devote it to the wonderful nature of JHU, my dream school!</p>

<p>First, there are the pre meds with the cutthroat reputation but that is true at any top school. Intellectually and socially that may not be for everyone.</p>

<p>But Hopkins can also be thought of in a different light. If you are up for a broad liberal arts education at a top research university and are assertive enough both with professor and student relationships (you can go after what you want and need rather than wait to be nurtured)...then it is hard to find a better university. </p>

<p>What does everyone who is there now think about this?</p>

<p>I don't think the pre-med/BME students(in general) are as cutthroat as everyone says they seem to me. More or less everyone works so hard and because of the many classes run on a curve, so competition can be heated. There are always a few, but that is true with any school.</p>

<p>Yea there is no hand holding. The idea around here is that you will know where to get help from. Most of my classes don't give homework, i.e. they expect you to have your own study habits. Professors won't tell you to come for help, but instead you are expected to know that you should if you need help. You build a strong sense of independence.</p>

<p>Don't think you can't have any fun around here either. There is plenty to do i.e. frat parties, social events, clubs, sports, trips, etc. You'll rarely find yourself doing nothing. Work isn't as backbreaking as many say it is, and I'm in BME. I know from upperclassmen that most people who drop out of BME had no serious interest in it to begin with (thats why they end up going somewhere completely different like I.R. / Writing Seminars).</p>

<p>I could say more, but I'm busy.</p>

<p>after reading many chances thread and cruising around CC forums, i got a feeling that general JHU (outside of BME/pre-med) is relatively easy to get in. (of course, "easy" here means in comparsion to MIT, CIT, and all that ivy league schools)
am i getting misunderstanding or perhaps is it true?</p>

<p>i heard social life(outside and inside of a compus) at JHU is pretty weak, and there isnt such a compus town or somewhat special enviroment that surround a compus. what do you think???</p>

<p>It is true in general JHU is "easier" to get into than the other schools. This is mainly because of JHU's poor yeild(30%). It has to accept 3 times as many students to fill its freshmen roster. It's yeild is a result of direct competition with the ivies, MIT, CalTech, Duke, etc... Thats a lot of schools that the top applicants can be divided into. JHU, by many, isn't considered as prestigious as the other institutions I mentioned (in my opinion it is!). JHU also gets fewer applicants in general. I'm not sure what repels the applicants (misconceptions of the social life/backbreaking work, college rankings, etc). Don't think JHU is an easy school to get into (because it ISN'T!). 29% acceptance isn't high at all considering its yeild, and the applicant pool is just as good as those other schools. Pre-med(not a major!) is no harder to get into than any other major. BME is only a little more selective at 22%, which means most applicants that apply for BME (and get into JHU) are accepted into the program.</p>

<p>The social life isn't as terrible as many people make it out to be. Most people who say its terrible are actually not in the school. I can say it's not bad, and I'm BME at JHU. There are frat parties pretty much everyother day (I don't go to any though). The Student Council/Activities council/Student Life (getting better every year) has been sponsoring some excellent activies (Last Comic Standing Dan Adoot, Playfair, O-Show, Fall Festival, and a lot more stuff). Most of my time is spent in student organizations and clubs. I rarely find myself doing nothing. I find time to do things outside of study and I'm BME. I asked a few of my upperclassmen friends and they pretty much feel the same way (except days before a major exam).</p>

<p>How safe is JHU and its surrouding area? Do most students stay on campus to hang out?</p>

<p>Thats a tough question. Honestly at night it isn't safe to be alone in the neighborhood. During the day its safer, but still not good to walk alone.</p>

<p>i knew JHU was surrounded by un-safe area, but i didnt not realize it's that bad.</p>

<p>then.. where are JHU students hanging out, having parties, and so forth??
(so i can assume, there isnt 'nice cafe next to the college, where a group of students can sit outside and just enjoy the sun'??)</p>

<p>I don't think its quite as bad as javis is perhaps making you think. Right across the street from campus, there is a dining hall, Wolman. Do you feel unsafe walking to Wolman alone during the day, Javis? I certainly don't. The area is filled with students. Slightly down the road, in front of Homewood apartments, there is a Xandos/Cosi cafe, and they have lovely outdoor seating. Also, the Silk Road cafe is another place you can relax outisde; that is actually located on campus next to the Mattin Center (our new arts building). Walking alone at night is certainly not a good idea, but its ok, because everyone knows that, so everyone walks around in groups without even thinking twice about it. Just be with your friends, and you're ok.</p>

<p>Yea, I didn't mean it to sound so bad. I don't live in Wolman, Building A for me. Just don't walk around alone(by "alone" I mean alone!) at night. Like Shelly says there are plenty of cafes just to relax.</p>

<p>Do you mean to say that you never go to Wolman to eat? Just because Terrace is right there does NOT make it a better alternative :)</p>

<p>You're missing out on the greatest food at this school- the WAFFLES!!</p>

<p>Pfft... Foods under the block system suck, and I don't wake up early enough for breakfast. A word of advice to new comers heading for the AMRs, GET THE FOOD PLAN WITH THE FEWEST BLOCKS AND THE MOST POINTS! If you live in Wolman/McCoy you could go with more blocks if you like...</p>

<p>Waffles are an "all the time" food! Serioulsly, I eat them every time I go to Wolman. They have toppings like powdered sugar and whipped cream, along with the usual fruit and syrup, so you can put powdered sugar on it and eat it like a funnel cake. MMmm.</p>

<p>Oh, and definitetly go for the most points, everyone. It's the only way you'll survive</p>

<p>haha....ok....this may seem like a random question at this point....but what exactly is BME??? haha i feel so ignorant...</p>

<p>biomedical engineering</p>

<p>Two questions:
1. Do many premed students major in BME?
2. How hard is it to double major in BME and another biology-related science?</p>

A better question would be: How many BMEs major in pre-med? The vast majority of pre-meds are Bio/Chem majors (they are still competitive!). A lot of BMEs are pre-med, because only 2-3 more classes are required to complete the premed program. But by sophomore year, a lot of BMEs focus more on BME instead of just medicine (because its too hard to focus on both or because BME is soooo interesting!).</p>

BME is hard enough as it is. The funny thing about BME(BIOmedical engineering) it has few classes in common with the bio major, because Chemistry and Physics are more important to BME students. To double major in BME and bio may be difficult (yet it is possible). An easier double major would be BME with Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Computer Science. </p>

<p>BME won't really help in med school acceptance. It is much better to be a bio major with a significantly higher GPA, than be a BME with a mediocre GPA(more common). The bio major is a lot easier than BME.</p>

<p>But the advantage of BME is that you are more likely to participate in an research based internship. If you do succeed in bme (high GPA), you can literally go anywhere you want. In general I find BME more interesting than just general bio.</p>

<p>hey javis,
how's the neuroscience major in terms of difficulty/workload?
about how many neuro majors are there in each class?
how competitive is it? teachers grade hard?
are there a lot of premeds in neuroscience?</p>

<p>Hmm...neuroscience is a popular major. I'm not the person to ask. I have a few friends that are nuerscience majors (but who talks to their friends about school).</p>

<p>1.It's relatively difficult (but nothing that anyone interested in nueroscience, couldn't handle). Workload is pretty much dependent on how much you want to study. I don't think many of the classes outside of freshmen year give much graded work outside of tests.
2.I'm not sure how many nueromajors make up the chem/physics/math classes. The classes specifically for the nueromajors are relatively small.
3.A would bet that a lot of the nuescience majors are in pre-med (making it a <strong>little</strong> competitive). Teachers in general grade hard (in trying to get a bell curve). A C at hopkins means average (i.e. if everyone got 100%, then everyone would get a C). Most cases the class already produces a bell curve (allowing some students to get As)</p>

<p>thanks a lot, but for #2 i was refering to each class as in each year/graduation year/whatever you call it</p>