JHU RD Chances? 1st choice school, but couldnt do ED

<p>What would be my chances RD for a chemistry or biology major?</p>

<p>SAT 1st(800M640V)
Can I combine these two to be 800M and 790V for a 1590?
SAT2 800mathIIC
730 Writing
730 US history
Bio M pending december test date
School: private catholic school pretty competitive
taking hardest classes
96.06 Unweighted
102(.something) weighted
2nd in class of 215
4 AP's this year (school does offer many)
Hospital Volunteer
Art Club Secretary
Varsity Swim Team
Student Govt for 2 years
A bucnh of award from the school
Honor rOLL
I worked on a political Campaign for a local US Congresswoman
Chess Club
Mock Trial
I've had a job since i was 12 and I recently clerked for a local chemical company (my major is chemistry)</p>

<p>oo my school does NOT offer many AP's just a correction I noticed</p>

<p>do you really want to go to jhu...if you do then apply and see what happens...work out the financial aid stuff ahead of time and if you know it is your first choice apply ed...if not, apply rd and see what happens...no one can predict...your mind can do the work...but can you prove to them why they should take you over everyone else whose mind can do the work...what value will you add...</p>

<p>good luck..write good essays and let them know what is unique about you</p>