JLLC in Eigenmann

Hey, I’m a DA to Kelley that recently committed. Very stuck with housing though. I was interested in the JLLC but now that it is in Eigenmann I heard that it is a subpar dorm (bad food options, long walk, quiet people). I am extroverted and interested in having a social, party dorm for which I heard Northwest would be the option. Any insight from current students? Thank you!

My son is a freshman in the former KLLC (now JLLC) and he absolutely loved it. He stayed on the 14th floor and a large group of them were pretty close. I think with the University’s mold issues it’s hard to go off of old examples with regards to which dorm is a party dorm. Certain dorms that were known to be more social were shut down and with these being rearranged you just don’t know where kids end up. Again though, my son thoroughly enjoyed Eigenmann this year. He hated to come back home.

I would beg to differ. I lived in Eigenmann this semester and would say it is arguably one of the best (standard) dorms. Large renovated doubles, food option right in the basement and across the street, and only a 5-10 minute walk from Hodge Hall. In terms of the social scene, I think it has a reputation of being in McNutt because of the KLLC. Eigenmann definitely has a social scene now that the KLLC has moved. There are people who like to party and others who don’t, so Eigenmann really has it all. As for the KLLC/JLLC, I think it provides a great environment and good resources.

Are all the dorms that are doubles renovated doubles? DD is going there and wants that type of room, but will be at the JLLC and isn’t sure how to request that type of room.

Wondering the same thing. Did you ever get an answer to this question? Daughter has a regular double but all I can find info on is a renovated double. What is the difference?

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