JMU Business School Experience

While not direct admit, these are just guardrails meaning if you can’t satisfy the pre reqs, it will be hard to satisfy the major.

Whether it’s direct admit or not, since it’s auto admit it might as well be.

Schools know most companies require a 3.0 for companies to consider. So this saves them.

It’s no different than even a direct entry school - take engineering where national 40-60% (depending on the study) don’t finish.

So yeah it’s hard work. But those able to satisfactorily keep up get to move forward.

Funny - in grad school (mba), stats was my downfall too.

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I cannot speak to JMU COB, but I can speak to IB recruiting. First, your student will need to be a hustler to get through an IB recruitment process and be successful in the career - regardless of the school they choose. The IB career will demand 60-90 hour work weeks, and the recruitment process is HIGHLY competitive. Recruiters are looking for the best of the best and they very much want to see hustle, involvement and leadership (so think strategic extracurriculars, etc) . In my experience, anything below a 3.5 GPA is a no-go, with many of the banks targeting 3.7+ (this is from non-target schools). Kids from non-target business programs can get in, but they need to be aggressive in terms of working connections and networking. IB firms will hire for the summer analyst positions (that occur summer between Jr/Sr year) in the spring of your sophomore year. So by then students will need to have worked some alumni/personal connections and have a strong grasp of financial concepts to survive the interviews. Summer interns will make up most of the full-time hires, so the best way to get that full-time offer is to intern…

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