JMU CIS vs. VA Tech Pamplin BIT-DSS (I want to go to JMU, but everyone's saying VT)

I am absolutely stuck between these 2 colleges. Stuck. Like stated, I want to go to JMU, but even reddit is saying go for Pamplin BIT for the rankings and name recognition. I like the atmosphere of JMU more, the CIS program is CAC-ABET accredited (unlike BIT), and the starting salary is $2k higher. Pamplin is higher ranked by Niche by over 200 places than JMU, but yet the BIT program overall is less computery and very very businessy. Even in the DSS track, there are only 2 programming courses. I’d much rather do the JMU program personally (I want to do a program in college that intersects CS/Eng and Biz, and JMU seems like THE BEST FIT, better than Tech for me and much cheaper than U Miami or Stern/Ross. I aspire to go to these schools for MBA or MiM. Money isn’t a concern at all though). I don’t hate Tech, but I bet I got rejected from the E-school (applied for CompE). I’ve posted this in many places, but I’m really really really stuck. Pls no negative comments. Thanks!

Have you been accepted to both places? If not, don’t stress over it because it is still possible the decision will be made for you. Right now, just worry about submitting the strongest applications to you can to ALL your colleges. When that is done, focus on finishing senior year strong.

We have a junior in the CIS department at JMU and he loves it! He has had many opportunities in the College of Business. He participated in one study abroad in his sophomore year to the UK and Scotland and he will be headed to Columbia and Panama this May as he’s taken on a minor of Supply Chain Management. He interned for the Department of Defense after his Sophomore year as a cyber security intern. He’s also the president of his Business Fraternity this year. The new College of Business building is going to be amazing! You have a hard decision but you have two terrific schools to choose from. If he can help with any info please let me know and I can connect you. Goooo Dukes!!! Best of Luck!!!

Out of college, do most CIS grads make more than the average $67k (like >75-80), or do they make less than this amount?

Is the BIT program or CIS program more competitive to get into?

I want to get into IT or Consulting after graduation, and I know both programs are good for that, but some on CC said that the BIT major is going to fall out of fashion in the coming years (employers are going to favor majors like CMDA over BIT), while I’ve heard nothing of this sort from the CIS major. CIS seems to place well in Serco, Accenture, and other good NOVA companies. Does the future look good for CIS till 2030?

Sorry I can’t help with statistics on salaries or outlook. At JMU you formally apply to the business school at the end of your sophomore year. If you meet the criteria set forth then you are accepted into COB (College of Business) and can choose your major from there. My husband works in the consulting world in the No. VA area and says that JMU students have a reputation of being well rounded, socially adept and get along well in the workplace. Best of luck during this college season!

As long as I meet the 2.7 GPA on the lower div courses, am I absolutely guaranteed to go to the business school? I think I can do it.

I took AP Mac/Microecon (and got a 5) and doing Calc now (this can waive a lot of credits, I believe).