JMU Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

She really needs to read this.


He’s in


Was deferred from U of SC admitted JMU
GPA: 4.0 weighted
Sat: 1200
5 dual enrollment and 2 AP
lots of EC


My son was deferred from U of Sc as well. I can’t figure it out. Over a 4.0 GPA… All DE classes.
Varsity Football/ President of DECA

Out of State? We bounced it off a good friend who’s a guidance counselor and she has seen U of SC defer a lot of kids with high stats. Her theory is they take a lot of in state EA. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Don’t give up hope!

Are my chances for admission reduced if I am deferred in Early Action?

No. Deferral does not imply weakness in an application. We simply like to make the majority of our decisions during the Regular Decision process, when we can compare applications in the context of the greater pool. Learn more about the defer decision in our frequently asked questions.

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Yes, we are in Richmond, Va.

according to JMU website approximately 40% of those deferred during early action are admitted during regular decision

Daughter seems to really like both JMU and Drexel (I know - totally different schools). Anyone else with a student looking at both?

Just wanted to bring up an opportunity for future families reading this forum for entry into JMU. Our daughter attended the JMU Honors Institute last summer during the pandemic. They accept 30 students for a one-week period on campus. Accepted students apply to be accepted and stay in a dorm while taking classes for the week along with planned activities.
Our daughter loved it!!!
Honestly, that was the deciding factor that made JMU #1. The cost was 1k for the week. She was told by a counselor that attendance to the summer program indicates a student is very interested in JMU so admissions do look at that attendance as a good indicator of positive yield. So although that statement did not come from an admissions person directly I do think that helped in our case.
Just something to think about for future Dukes applying next year! The website for the summer honors program is Summer Honors Institute - JMU.
Good luck to all!


Gwen, where do you live VA or PA? What major?

Drexel is a good school. However, I live near Philly and it has become unsafe.

Hi Steelers! We are out of state (CT). I LOVE JMU (we visited last spring) and think it would be a great place to go. Drexel seems to be daughter’s first choice, and I am concerned about (1) safety, (2) lack of real “campus” feel and (3) crazy high cost (it is literally double the price of JMU).

Oh, and sorry - she’s interested in either neuroscience or health services administration.

My New England daughter is in at Elon, U of SC, and JMU. Haven’t been to U of SC yet but she wants a bigger city, more-to-do kind of place which is why she applied there. Deferred at Tulane. Some sort of business degree – any insights or how to tip the favor in JMU’s favor?

2 cents! We toured U of SC, and they talked a lot about the business school, and it seemed the gem of the school. Not at all what you asked, and U of SC is on the edge of the city, so cafes, shops, etc. within walking distance. I wouldn’t consider Harrisonburg (JMU) a “bigger city,” but there is a nice downtown and certainly the surrounding area has loads to do as far as hiking and outdoor activities. Both schools seemed big on school spirit and activities on campus when we toured. Good luck–nice choices to have!!

What are your daughter’s other interests and hobbies?

I can tell you that the business building they just opened is very impressive.