JMU or anywhere for that matter.

3.5 weighted

<p>SATs Not so grand but good enough
ACT 21</p>

<p>Sr. courses
Econ Hon
Gov't Hon
Advanced topics math ( Just to take an extra math)
Eng. IV Hon
Zoology ( Just to take another sci.)</p>

<p>I want to be a chemistry major and maybe double major with Anthropology
I;ve lived in Florida for High shcool and I'm in the top 37% there.
I'm not sure where to be looking for college, all I know is that I need a college in Va that's 10,000 or less a year and I need to apply NOW! Oh, and I'm graduating early if that gives me any extra points. AND I'm a good writer when it comes to essays.
What do you say?</p>

<p>James Madison is gonna be tough, for your about or below their 25%ile in GPA and test scores for frosh. Mi.ght want to do the SAT or ACT again. Look at good LACs in TN, NC, KY. Good luck.</p>

<p>i've heard time and time again that JMU almost exclusively looks at GPA, in terms of sheer numbers, not course rigor. rightly or wrongly, that seems to be the case. go check this out , as i've seen it discussed at length on these boards.</p>

<p>what about Virginia Tech? tho your stats may be low ?</p>

<p>Got into JMU! All I'm waiting for now is Mary Wash.</p>