Jmu Vs Vt

<p>I attended CHOICES at JMU in February for early action admitted students and loved the campus, UREC, and the enthusiasm of the students. Last week I was admitted to VT and spent 3 days in Blacksburg touring the campus and town. I loved VT even more than JMU, but it is a really difficult decision because the universities are both great but are very different. I am interested in hearing other student's opinions of both unversities in general and about the business schools in particular. How do the professors at JMU compare with VT? Thanks.</p>

<p>Personally, I've always thought (and heard) that JMU was better than Va Tech. Plus, I have heard good things about their business program.</p>

<p>In my opinion i think VT is a better school than JMU. At the majority of the people who get into both tech and jmu end up at tech. Plus there food is reallt good :)</p>

<p>I have this dilemma as well. I got into both JMU and VT. As much as I love JMU, I think that VT offers a more rounded "college experience." I still haven't decided, but you cannot go wrong with either.</p>

<p>DEFINATELY Virginia Tech. My brother went to JMU and hated it, transferred to Vtech and absolutely loves it. Says transfering and attending VTech was and is the best decision of his life.</p>

<p>kindaslick - what do you mean by more "rounded" college experience?</p>

<p>What I meant by well rounded college experience is besides good academics, vt has good athletics programs, good social scene, and a town that is the epitome of a "college town." This is all subjective of course, but just my opinion. If you want the big state school experience you can't go wrong with tech thats all.</p>

<p>I have to agree with kindaslick. I got into both and I am going to tech because they have so many different programs. By brother went to tech for biology, switched to business, and is now in engineering. It took three tries to find what he wanted. Plus, I've been to tech football games and JMU football games and JMU games flat out suck. 65000 > 19000. JMU is spread all throughout Harrisonburg and it is a massive pain to around when college is in session. It has more of george mason or odu feel, than vt.</p>