Job market for environmental engineering?

<p>How is the job market for environmental engineering right now? is the job market growing for environmental engineering? are many people satisfied with their jobs?</p>


<p>[url=&lt;a href=“]Engineers[/url”&gt;]Engineers[/url</a>]</p>

<p>Scroll down to EnvE.</p>

<p>There is a lot of demand for greenhouse gas emissions reporting and third party verification, especially in California.</p>

<p>the job market is good. I just graduated in may and everyone in my class without an accent has a job. If you have an accent…completely different story.</p>

<p>this is very interesting. Only because of the accent?</p>

<p>well it appears that everyone from my graduating class without an accent has a job and everyone with an accent does not have a job. Well one guy has a very slight accent and he has a job. By job i mean environmental engineering job.</p>

<p>Probably because they screwed the interview?</p>