Job Outlook for IT?

<p>I was wondering what are the job outlooks for industries in IT?</p>

<p>My parents don't want me to go into IT since its all outsourcing to India and stuff. I'm not sure and am scared I will not get a job.
What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Compared to everything else in the US these days? Very, very good actually...</p>

<p>According to the BLS, IT is supposed to grow anywhere between 17-53% between 2008-18 depending on what you specialize in. Your parents are probably thinking of the low-level programming jobs that are being outsourced. Those are the people who only have a 2-year degree and just program, not design. Plus, the government always needs people in IT and that obviously can't be outsourced.</p>

<p>I know the person above me already mentioned the BLS website, but since there are multiple pages involving computer/IT work, I figured I'd link them to you for reference. </p>

<p>Computer and Information Systems Managers:
Computer</a> and Information Systems Managers</p>

<p>Computer Scientists:
Computer</a> Scientists</p>

<p>Computer System Analysts:
Computer</a> Systems Analysts</p>

<p>Computer Network, Systems, and Database Administrators:
Computer</a> Network, Systems, and Database Administrators</p>

<p>Computer Software Engineer/Programmers:
Computer</a> Software Engineers and Computer Programmers</p>

<p>So bascially, no matter what field of IT you specialize in, the opportunities are great. Hope this helped.</p>

<p>Oh ok. Thank you so much. This is a relief to me and my parents haha</p>

<p>^^IT is very distinct from computer science, engineering, and systems related fields.</p>

<p>Computer science and engineering is still going well and a solid career field, but IT is not as "legit" as computer science/engineering.</p>