Job placement/starting salary stats?

<p>Since some folks on this page are very well-versed in all things UW, can you direct me to any information on starting salaries/job placement stats for undergrads? My son is looking to major in L&S computer science. When we visited in the fall, the general admissions people referred us to career services who told us they had no information. Given the economy, and the university's tremendous rankings/reputation, we were hoping to have access to this data as part of the decision process. Some schools boast their multiple job offers, etc., but our hope is that the stats are good and are being tracked somewhere. Thanks for any leads/info you can steer us to.</p>

<p>even i am looking for the same info.</p>

<p>I think CS has their own informal system plus uses the Engineering placement office. Call them.</p>

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<p>This is a document published by Engineering Career Services</p>

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<p>with some updated information here:</p>

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<p>Unfortunately Engineering does not include Comp Sci at UW-Madison (CS falls under Letters and Science), so the closest statistics you'll see in this data relate to Computer Engineering, which isn't quite the same thing. ECS does help Comp Sci majors (as does L&S Career Services) but doesn't appear to track them in their reports. Still the data you see here will give you a good feel for the prospects for Comp Sci graduates.</p>

<p>thank you -- I did just call the Engineering Career Services staff. Apparently CS students can register through either the business school or engineering directly for job placement, because L&S does not offer specific programs in their career services center for this major (confirmed yesterday on the phone with them). The CS department has limited job placement programs in place -- only for their graduate students.</p>

<p>It will be interesting to see what the dept. chair tells us when we visit with him and the undergraduate advisor in the next week. This program is consistently ranked top 10 in all the standard ranking systems, but does not appear in any of the recruiter surveys.</p>

<p>Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc all hire at UW. It is especially known for database theory. At the Seattle College Fair several Microsopft people came by and mentioned that and there are a number at Microsoft. Also several local software companies hire quite a few. These include the fast-growing EPIC as well as the software company that does much of the weather graphics you see on TV.</p>

<p>Epic is probably the #1 medical records software company in the country- nearly 5000 employees with major hospital clients all over the country, write up in the New York Times recently- see their website for the link. Their salaries are industry standard- you can find out salary ranges on some websites (I've forgotten which sites, sorry).</p>

<p>Trying to game the future job market in 4 or more years isn't that practical. Let your son choose the undergrad school he most likes in his proposed major- UW will be among the best in computer science so don't worry about job placement opportunities.</p>

<p>As someone who has taken and is currently taking CS classes at UW I can speak to the high quality of the department and its sterling reputation from first hand experience. One of my close friends is a CS major and he practically has his pick from 5 different companies, one with a starting salary between $60k-80k. CS at UW is absolutely top notch and companies, whether famous (i.e. Microsoft, Google etc.) or not (e.g. Epic) know it.</p>