Job prospectives, success, and salaries after USMMA

<p>I have been very interested in the USMMA for a very long time; it is one of the paths i can take towards becoming an officer in the Navy (a dream of mine). I talked to an admissions officer today (I'm a junior); after giving him a basic rundown of my academics, extracurriculars, and leadership, he told me I was a very strong candidate. Suppose I get in and graduate from USMMA with a BS in Engineering. After I serve my obligatory years in the armed forces, what are my career prospects and salaries? I do understand that West Point and Annapolis grads have an advantage in the workforce as they are very highly reputed. What is the situation with Kings Point?</p>

I graduated from KP in 1984. Everyone that I know who has ever graduated from KP has never had a problem getting a job. The Alumni network is extremely strong and the reputation of the school is outstanding. There are no engineering schools in the U.S. that provide the hands on experience of operating a power plant during college. Most people graduating from engineering don’t know what a turbine or pump look like. I will admit from a design perspective you will probably need to supplement the KP degree with a Masters in Engineering. I received my Master’s from RPI. KP is by no means a normal college … but at the same time is not a military focused as West Point. By graduating from KP you will have much more opportunities after graduation than the Navy. Good Luck…KPS-84